11 July 2007

Good news from the Great Clunking Fist?

There seems to be some movement in the great Brown programme. Clearly, 'tis the BBC, so not the most trustworthy pronouncer on the doings of our ruling class but:

There will be an "educational opportunity" Bill so all young people can stay in education or training to the age of 18, Gordon Brown told MPs.

Is a lot better than "must stay in education ...". It is the compulsion that is evil, not the opportunity or, even, if it is appropriate, encouragement or incentives for learning. Although, in my opinion, some people are better for getting a decent taste of work and then coming back to learning in a couple of years, as per the previous post (or decades, for some :).



Fabian Tassano said...

It would be nice to think this campaign has had some effect on Labour thinking. But it may be a bit soon to get one's hopes up. According to Number-10.gov.uk, "the Government will use an Educational Opportunity Bill to raise the school leaving age from 16 to 18". Sounds like it's still a case of "must stay" rather than "can stay".

chris said...

Since everybody can already stay to 18 I would expect that it is actually must stay until 18.