4 November 2007

"State owns your ass for a further two years"

Harry Haddock fron Nation of Shopkeepers writes:

So, Blinky Balls is going to increase, by two years, the amount of time the government can tell you what to do with your life.

Now, these illiterate, qualification free teenagers that are seen as a ‘problem’ to be solved by the state are clearly not going to learn anything in these extra two years that they have been unable or unwilling to learn in the previous 11. They are highly likely to be dysfunctional to such an extent that they will be un-employable, so on the job training is an unlikely outcome. So, what exactly are the state going to do with them for this period? Stuff them into schools and colleges against their will, where they can disrupt those who are their voluntarily? Force them on to unwilling employers? Or throw money at trendy, expensive schemes in the hope that they suddenly realise the error of their ways and reform over night?

I have a friend that works in exactly this area. The answer is, I’m afraid, a combination of 1 & 3 above. Oh goody.

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John East said...

The state will send them to uni where they will be given honours degrees.

That takes us 6 or 7 years into the future, so this measure will be applauded by all of the current batch of pathetic politicians who will have moved on by then.

The general public will also largely support this because they are genuinely proud when their kids are given a useless dumbed down degree in child care or sociology.

When little Johnny or Jane eventually discover that they are unemployable they won't be members of the politically sensitive unemployed teens anymore, they will be adults ready for the dole.

I suppose that this system sort of makes sense, or at least it does to a modern statist politician. A thriving economy based on real jobs with a world class educational system is just not achievable in a socialist, entitlement driven society where we all have rights but no responsibilities.