31 March 2007

"Educational Conscription"

Several developments on the campaign against extending compulsory education, focused via the new collective blog.

1) We have three additions to our list of contributors:
- Tom Paine of Last Ditch fame, one of the most vociferous supporters of liberty in the blogosphere;
- celebrated blogger Not Saussure. NS has an excellent post on the topic here — it is sober, thoughtful and erudite, as is his wont;
- Roger Thornhill of NeueArbeit Macht Frei, whose jolly blog title helped to inspire the campaign image (apologies re Godwin's Law, but sometimes conditions are serious enough to break a few rules of etiquette).

There are some more invitations in the pipeline, so we may get a couple more appointments to the board.

2) An e-petition has been started; there is a link to it from E-C, under "Resources".

3) Also under Resources, there's a link to a pro forma letter to MPs and Councillors.

Thanks to fellow blog and campaign administrator Surreptitious Evil for helping me with all the work of setting this stuff up. He's an organisational whiz, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. Thanks also to primus-inter-pares mediocracy-reader Paul, who designed and engineered the flashing banners. (Paul, we look forward to your post as guest contributor in due course. England* expects that every man etc.)

If you care about liberty (and even if you don't, but disapprove of the proposal to force 16-18 year olds to continue with what the government is pleased to regard as "education", whether they want to or not), please:

  • sign the petition, and encourage others to do so
  • send a letter to your MP
  • send a letter to your Councillor
  • link to our campaign (use of the image is not required)
  • leave comments on the campaign blog
  • write a post about the topic on your own blog
  • if you don't have a blog (or even if you do) consider writing a post for the campaign blog as a guest contributor
  • leave your comments on the Green Paper online (leaving disapproving comments is, in my opinion, far more to the point than answering the questions, some of which are rather weaselly).

  • C'mon people, let's make some noise.

    * It really is England in this case, as it appears Scotland and Wales are excluded from the proposals.

    [reproduced from mediocracy blog]

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