30 March 2007

We have our first hammer

The campaign to oppose the extension of compulsory education now has a collective blog: Educational Conscription. (Hat tip to Perry de Havilland of Samizdata for inspiring the name.)

Please support the campaign by linking to the blog — if possible, using the image at the top right, which is intended to convey the authoritarian character of this ridiculous and menacing proposal. We also have a revised banner (see above), courtesy Paul.

We are working on adding a petition site.

We are also preparing pro forma letters to both (a) MPs/Councillors, (b) party leaders and education spokesmen, which we'll upload in due course for others to use.

We (so far, Surreptitious Evil and myself) will be inviting a couple of people to join the blog as contributors, based on who looks most likely to be interested. We should also like to invite posts from other bloggers, which can be sent by means of post comment or email.* The approach of the blog is intended to be calm-polite-angry rather than ranty-swearing-angry. We think that will ultimately have more impact.

Key question to consider:
Should people who are currently regarded as old enough to lead conventional adult lives (have jobs, rent lodgings, get married, drive, etc.) be suddenly regarded as young and irresponsible enough to have their liberty removed?

* In those cases we'd like to be able to have some editorial input, but we will let authors see any edits for approval before posting.

[Reproduced from mediocracy blog.]

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