2 April 2007

And once they get to leave?

Tom Paine comments on the increasing discrimination against middle-class applicants to British universities.

You may also want to have a look at this egregious proposal. I am sure there will be a special, un-publicised, re-adjustment for the children of internationally famous lawyers and statesmen and their friends and colleagues.

And we are now talking about the rights of 18 year olds, not rights of the 16 & 17 year olds that are the core focus of this blog. At what point do the human rights (because ACAS as a government funded body is subject to HRA98) of young adults become irrevocably separate from those of their parents? Laws against smacking would suggest that this break comes early; the proposal to fit criminal sanctions to parents for 17 year olds not attending enough education suggests later.

Actually, the latter also suggests this converse - at what point in a child's or young adult's life does their parents' human rights become separate from their actions? Interesting legal issue - not one I would want to be the test case for.


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