6 April 2007

Just a brief note

Fabian and I have drafted a letter which will be sent (we have, what passes in the night for, a volunteer) to the Leaders and, if we can find them (it is surprisingly difficult in some cases) the Education spokesmen or women of all of the significant UK political parties (except Labour, 'cause it is their bad idea, and the BNP, because they are simply just a bad idea) to get their views on this matter.

Specifically the letters ask:

  • If you were the party in government, would you put to Parliament a Bill including any age extension for compulsion in education?
  • If the current government puts to vote a Bill including the proposed extension in compulsion, will you encourage or require your MPs to vote for or against this?
  • Do you consider that Parliamentary and government time and resources would be better spent in improving educational opportunities and facilities rather than in forcing a particular pattern of behaviour by means of restricting the civil liberties of our young adults?
We'll see who responds and how and I will share the answers with you as they are passed through to me. If we get enough, I may play with some graphics.

Please remember the petition.



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